“Anyone that is looking to re-energize their creative batteries, then NSA North Texas is where they need to be.  What makes NSA North Texas great is not in its spectacular content or how they provide it. What makes NSA North Texas so valuable is the people in NSA North Texas. Anyone that wants to surround themselves with the best and brightest in the speaking industry should join NSA North Texas.”

John Lucas

“NSA has provided me with the strategies and confidence to grow my business from high 5 figures annually to mid 6 figures in just 3 short years.”

Mark Fenner
President Rise Performance Group

“The only place to learn the art and the business of speaking. You will be surrounded by the best in the world of speaking. A family of generous sharing professionals coming together for the success of all.”

Bill Wallace
Founder and CEO Success North Dallas

Debra Hunter Johnson“NSA-NT provides a phenomenal array of resources for speakers at any stage of their career. The invaluable part of my NSA-NT membership though, is the network, the community of generous, creative and energetic people speaking and training on amazingly interesting subjects. Participation in NSA-NT is time well used.”

Debra Hunter Johnson
Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve

“Personally, I’ve made good friends; professionally, this organization has kept me current with what’s going on in marketing – a crucial part of the speaking business.”

Vicki Hitzges
Keynote Speaker

“I am about to be a member but even as a guest I already benefited from the NSANT. I felt immediately welcomed, made my first professional connections and learned so much within just weeks of joining. Amazing people, an amazing experience.”

Inka Nisinbaum

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Stu Schlackman

Welcome NSA members to our new year! Our theme this coming year for 2016-2017 is It’s Still About You. This year we want to focus on you. Our goal is to provide incredible value to support you in the growth of your business. You are what makes our chapter a success, so this year we want to help you achieve the goals and dreams that have inspired you to be a professional speaker. Read More

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