“NSANT is fantastic. Having a community of others who get it and who are willing to support and help you is priceless. Each month, you receive valuable information and knowledge at the meetings and connect with new people, Speaking can feel like a lonely business, but with NSANT, its members and community, you’re never alone.”

Jessica Rector
Founder of JessICAREctor International, “This Man Thing”

“Everything, EVERYTHING, I’ve learned about speaking, writing, and making a living through professional speaking is from the information, people, and connections I made in NSA and NSA North Texas. NSA North Texas – If you want to make money speaking, you must join and attend this community.”

Linda Swindling
Author of “Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers” and “Ask Outrageously!”

“As a member of two months in this organization, my direction, focus and strategy has transformed from scattered dreams to clear concise goals with unparalleled professional support and accountability. My progress has far surpassed my expectations much, to whom my mentor, Chuck Inman via the Charbonneau academy. I remain indebted.  For inviting and encouraging me to join, I’m most grateful to Bill Wallace.”

Susan Foster

“The only place to learn the art and the business of speaking. You will be surrounded by the best in the world of speaking. A family of generous sharing professionals coming together for the success of all.”

Bill Wallace
Founder and CEO Success North Dallas

“Inspiration. Encouragement. New Approaches. How to make money. Stay up to date.”

Linda Marsden Thomas

“I learn something new in every session and lab. NSA North Texas became my second family. It helps me be the best speaker I can be. Everyone reached out to me to help me. I couldn’t have been where I am today without this club, and the support of everyone. I enjoy what other members share with me and I enjoy sharing what I know with the others.”

Yoram Solomon, PhD

More testimonials…

Stu Schlackman

Welcome NSA members to our new year! Our theme this coming year for 2016-2017 is It’s Still About You. This year we want to focus on you. Our goal is to provide incredible value to support you in the growth of your business. You are what makes our chapter a success, so this year we want to help you achieve the goals and dreams that have inspired you to be a professional speaker. Read More

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