Debra Hunter Johnson“NSA-NT provides a phenomenal array of resources for speakers at any stage of their career. The invaluable part of my NSA-NT membership though, is the network, the community of generous, creative and energetic people speaking and training on amazingly interesting subjects. Participation in NSA-NT is time well used.”

Debra Hunter Johnson
Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve

“Joining NSA-NT has helped in immeasurable ways. I was able to ramp up my speaking opportunities thanks to the amazing amount of talented people I was exposed to at the monthly meeting. The advice, the friendships and the support are invaluable.”

Kate Delaney
President Elect of NSA-NT

“Will Rogers famously said, “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” What I love about the NSANT chapter is that statement in reverse: “Everybody is brilliant, only on different subjects.” The group has so much talent and expertise to share. I rarely attend a meeting that I don’t meet someone with a huge knowledgebase that’s intriguing or helpful to me in some way.”

Dianna Booher
Booher Research Institute

Russ Riddle“My best friends are in this chapter, period! When I first attended eight years ago, I knew two people. Before I left that first meeting everyone in the room had talked to me – most friendly, sharing, caring group I’ve ever been a part of. Not only on a personal level, but professionally. The impact this group has had on my career is immeasurable! One of the best decisions I ever made was joining NSANT.”

Russ Riddle

“NSA-NT is a great place to learn the art of the speaking business. As a member of NSA-NT Academy, it has been a jumpstart for me to rethink and redefine my position as a professional speaker.”

“This has been a great organization for meeting other speakers, growing my network and learning best practices. The speakers are very open, share their tips to make their business better and how you can apply it to your business. And your colleagues become friends.”

Shawn McBride
Chief Innovation Officer

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Stu Schlackman

Welcome NSA members to our new year! Our theme this coming year for 2016-2017 is It’s Still About You. This year we want to focus on you. Our goal is to provide incredible value to support you in the growth of your business. You are what makes our chapter a success, so this year we want to help you achieve the goals and dreams that have inspired you to be a professional speaker. Read More

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