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Brian Walter, CSP, CPAE

February 10, 2018
Meeting: Brian Walter
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Jeanne Robertson

February 10, 2018
Special Event: Jeanne Robertson
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Bill Stainton

March 10, 2018
Meeting: Bill Stainton
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Jason Hewlett

April 14, 2018
Meeting: Jason Hewlett
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If you’re looking for a way to dramatically enhance your speaking career, find support and friendship with fellow speaking professionals, and gain skills to run your speaking business, then you’re in the right place. Read more about NSA-NT membership…


Our NSA-NT calendar is full of powerful events designed to propel your speaking career. Monthly meetings, labs, special workshops, After Hours, and our infamous chapter parties are just a few of our 2016-2017 offerings. Find out more about our events…



Whether just starting out or more experienced, the Charbonneau Speakers Academy delivers a powerful learning experience to accelerate your career as a paid speaker. Find out more about the Charbonneau Speakers Academy…

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Are you looking for a local professional speaker to deliver a keynote, training, workshop, concurrent session, lunch speech, dinner speech, emcee, facilitator, comedian, entertainer, or more? Find a professional speaker in our searchable database.

Member Testimonials

“NSA has provided me with the strategies and confidence to grow my business from high 5 figures annually to mid 6 figures in just 3 short years.”

Mark Fenner
President Rise Performance Group

Debra Hunter Johnson“NSA-NT provides a phenomenal array of resources for speakers at any stage of their career. The invaluable part of my NSA-NT membership though, is the network, the community of generous, creative and energetic people speaking and training on amazingly interesting subjects. Participation in NSA-NT is time well used.”

Debra Hunter Johnson
Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve

“Everything, EVERYTHING, I’ve learned about speaking, writing, and making a living through professional speaking is from the information, people, and connections I made in NSA and NSA North Texas. NSA North Texas – If you want to make money speaking, you must join and attend this community.”

Linda Swindling
Author of “Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers” and “Ask Outrageously!”

Russ Riddle“My best friends are in this chapter, period! When I first attended eight years ago, I knew two people. Before I left that first meeting everyone in the room had talked to me – most friendly, sharing, caring group I’ve ever been a part of. Not only on a personal level, but professionally. The impact this group has had on my career is immeasurable! One of the best decisions I ever made was joining NSANT.”

Russ Riddle

“My only true regret in life is that I didn’t join the National Speakers Association 30 years earlier. I always say the lessons that NSA teaches you about, well, all of life, serve you so well in every capacity, no matter your profession, skill level or area of expertise. The reason is the people, and how they are so willing to share their knowledge and experience. You learn how to share what is uniquely you to help others, and you learn how to do it with flair, originality, timeliness and humor. NSA is a potent force for good.”

Dave Lieber, CSP
The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News

“NSANT has brought in leading experts from around the country and around the world to share their best tips. The result: it has fast-tracked my speaking career! Highly recommend to anyone serious about becoming or growing as a professional speaker!”

Melinda Marcus
Decision Catalyst
Influence Advisors

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