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More Great Days: Inspiration and Ideas to Energize and Enrich Your Life

By Julie Alexander

Are you in a slump? In the dumps? Need a little hope, a fresh perspective, an attitude adjustment? Well, here it is! A simple, down-to-earth book for people who need a quick morale boost and some encouraging words. It’s upbeat messages, delivered with wit and wisdom, can improve your sense of well-being and bring a little joy to your life.


LifeTravel Balance – Where Healthy Travel Drives Greater Business Profitability

By John Ayo

This book shows business travelers how to boost your energy while traveling so that you can perform at your best! Have you ever gotten sick on day 2 of a 10-day business trip? Have the effects of jet lag ever impacted your ability to do your job? Ever had a major digestive challenge when traveling that kept you from working? John is a natural health doctor with a thriving practice in Plano, and will show you how to thrive while traveling for business based on his 30+ years of traveling around the world with IBM.


The 10 Dos and Don’ts for Business Leadership: Lessons to Lead Effectively

By Dr. Cortney Baker

The 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Business Leadership is practical advice presented so succinctly that it will improve leadership skills immediately from entry level to top executives.



What MORE Can I Say?
Why Communication Fails and What to Do About It

By Dianna Booher

Provides nine counter-intuitive principles for success in getting your point across, expanding your influence, and persuading others to change their mind or behavior: whether to accept change, put aside a bad habit, improve performance, buy your product, or give you that job!


Let Me Give You A Whisper

By Dawnie Dahir

Let Me Give You A Whisper came from a mother’s heart To let children know that they are a wonderful part Of a beautiful world, of a world that can be All that they dream of, and that they hold the key. Let Me Give You A Whisper is a book about love, The love that is heaven sent, the love from above. The love that you have had ever since the day you were born, Is the love that will never leave you but greets you every morn.


Invade the Man Cave

By Kate Delaney

After five years and 550 rejections, Kate Delaney broke into the male dominated world of sports to become America’s #1 female sports commentator and talk show host. Invade the Man Cave, gives you an arsenal of interesting sports facts she learned along the way to keep you in the conversation; at the cocktail party, networking event or company picnic. It’s also fun and easy to read.


From Chaos to Control – A Survival Guide for the Cancer Caregiver

By Betty E. Garrett

From Chaos to Control is a survival guide for the Cancer caregiver. The author explains how to deal with the devastation that occurs when a loved one has been diagnosed with a serious cancer. She describes the entire journey from diagnosis through treatment, a recurrence with more treatment and, finally, death.


I Did Not Plan That!

By Ron Hoesterey

I DID NOT PLAN THAT! highlights how to step forward when life does not go as planned. This book highlights how your attitude, perspective and purpose play an important role in your effectiveness as a leader and your level of happiness in all areas of your life. Tom Ziglar says ” His application of life principles makes for interesting and fun reading”


It’s Never Too Late: To Live Up To Your Potential

By Willie Johnson

Great motivational book containing 11 stand alone secrets for living successful, meaningful, and purposeful lives. Through this book, Willie delivers strategies that can help anyone to start living up to their potential, manifest their greatness, and make a difference in their community.


The Dog of My Nightmares: Stories by Texas Columnist Dave Lieber

By Dave Lieber

Once upon a time there was a New Yorker who moved to Texas. Probably, he was the worst columnist in the history of Texas, seeing as how he had never been to the Lone Star State. But Texas is good to those who are good to it, and Dave Lieber, the Yankee Cowboy, grew to love Texas, especially after he met the woman of his dreams. Unfortunately, she came with the dog of his nightmares. Nearly 100 short stories that make you laugh and cry. The New Yorker-turned-Texan knows about life change. True, authentic, fun to read and share.


Outsmart Aging

By Dr. Kevin Light

In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Kevin Light guides you through the critical steps you need to help OutSmart Aging and live a fuller, healthier life. His powerful strategies include: · Replacing missing hormones with bio-identical hormone therapy · Taming stress · Discovering the magic of sleep · Learning ‘defensive eating’ · Keeping fit the right way in less than one hour a day · Using the power of genetics and stem cells to repair and rejuvenate


How to Achieve Big Phat Goals

By Dean Lindsay

“Big PHAT Goals is an extremely helpful book for achieving your personal and professional goals.” — Frank Shankwitz, The Creator and A Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation

“This is a must read for you, as well as those you lead… and those you love!” — Catherine Monson, CEO, FASTSIGNS International, Inc.


Business Blunders! 10 Dangerous Business Mistakes and How to Protect Your Business So It Can Thrive

By R. Shawn McBride

Business Blunders! provides business owners, entrepreneurs and business partners with the ten most common mistakes made throughout the course of running a small business. Throughout the author’s thirteen years as a corporate business attorney, he has helped entrepreneurs and business owners prepare for the complexities of starting a business. His in depth knowledge of business law and accounting principles makes this book a must read for any savvy business owner. The book offers advice on how to evade making common mistakes in respect to personal liability, record keeping, securities offerings, intellectual property and more. R. Shawn McBride is an Attorney, CPA, Author, Public Speaker and CEO.


10 Seconds Daily – Pay It Forward

By Tim Marvel

Want your World to Change? Be the Catalyst. When you think about paying it forward, what comes to mind? Giving money, time, or pieces of yourself you can’t afford? Instead of locking into that definition, consider the idea that paying it forward is less about a momentary handout of time or money and more about validating someone’s worth. Maybe knowledge gained through personal experiences. In light of the ripple effect, imagine what might happen if you became an encourager when you needed encouragement, a calm influence when you were the most stressed, a giver when you had the deepest needs. What one thing a month, a week, a day could you do to add value to another person? It’s never a mistake to invest in someone else.


It’s 6 am and I’m Already Behind: Strategies to Get Caught Up

By Lauren Midgley

30 easy-to-follow, yet impactful strategies to improve your productive mindset. It is not just about time management techniques, but rather how you strategically use your time for “what matters most right now”. Instead of feeling bad or overwhelmed, you can feel inspired.


Inspire, Today’s Journey

By Douglas N. Petersen

Three hundred and sixty nine wonderful, thought-provoking messages to help us with our journey. Our journey is just that, ours, but Petersen gives us inspiring words to make each day of our journey special. Focusing on our core values, Doug ignites the passion within each of us. Each day we face challenges and decisions, and his daily inspiring words help us with each step. His fourth and fifth books were gold medal award winners in the Global Ebook, inspirational/visionary non-fiction category.


The Naked Truth about Giving Great Speeches

By Karen Cortell Reisman, M.S.

Do Your Presentations Leave You Feeling a Little Naked? Rather than give you a tome of facts on how to give a speech, Karen has stripped your learning curve by offering the 22 biggest traps and the related fix-its that will benefit you regardless of how often you give presentations. First, you’ll see how you get stuck in a speaker trap. Then, you’ll learn how to fix it. You’ll find your 22 fix-it principles divided into these C-O-D categories: Tips for substantive Content, memorable Organization, and energized Delivery. You will learn how to: Organize your message Channel your nerves Deliver your speech with confidence Answer and field questions Use visuals wisely Expose assumptions Write handouts Handle impromptu remarks and much more….



By Debbie Sardone

STOP Paying For Everything! How to fund your business start up, business overhead, business expansion, or your next vacation–without money! Debbie Sardone shares how she started a residential cleaning business out of the trunk of her car, growing it to over a million dollars a year in sales, and using barter to attract new customers, reward employees, fund her marketing, and even get Lasik eye surgery. Barternomics is a must read for every business owner or aspiring entrepreneur.


Four People You Should Know

By Stu Schlackman

Understanding the four personality styles will help you close new business, shorten the sales cycle and build strong customer relationships. Each personality color buys differently having unique communication styles, decision making, values and what motivates them to action. This book focuses on buying behavior and how to give each style what they are looking for.


Style Essentials: Building Your Ultimate Wardrobe

By Bobbi Schwartz

As a company, we have found this guide to be a valuable tool and highly effective in defining the wardrobes of our clients. Do not be fooled with the list’s apparent simplicity however; having the right piece is (if you’ll pardon the expression) essential! In other words, not just any old garment will suffice. And therein lies the difference between a true style icon and the average woman. There is a minuscule line between looking mediocre, sometimes truly bad and fabulous. This guide will help to close that gap for you.


Un-Kill Creativity: How Corporate America can Out-Innovate Startups

By Yoram Solomon

Is innovation accidental? Why do we get the best ideas in the shower? Why are people creative in startups more than in Corporate America? In his fifth book, researcher, author, and speaker Dr. Yoram Solomon answers these questions, based on his doctoral research, firsthand experience, and the stories of some of the world’s most innovative companies. Solomon explains that you can create an environment where the probability of great ideas increases, focusing on organizational climate, team dynamics, and individual context. Solomon breaks many creativity and innovation myths, and claims that change requires no implementation costs, only a change of attitude.


Christian Leadership: 50 Stories that Connect Faith and Everyday Life

By Terry L. Summerlin

“’Christian Leadership’ ties a Scripture verse to a leadership tip. This thought- provoking approach makes you really think about what you read and will drive you to action in different areas after you have finished the book. Terry has a way with words that is easy to understand; this is a quick, enlightening read. I recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their life and leadership skills.” — Tom Dobson, Chairman, Whataburger Restaurants LP


Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers: How to Positively Negotiate Work Drama to Get More Done

By Linda Swindling

Turn constant complainers into productive contributors Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace. When you change a culture of complainers to one of contributors, you boost morale, increase productivity, and promote effective communication. In short, you get more done with less drama. In Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers, workplace communication expert Linda Swindling shares her expertise in negotiating tough situations in the workplace. Identify as well as manage conversations with “venters,” complainers, whiners, and energy drainers. You’ll find scenarios, engaging questions, and research which provide strategies for powerful results, improved relationships, and increased confidence.



Faith on Fire

By Sherrie C Wilson

The first ingredient of a miracle is an impossible situation. Transforming impossibles into miracles.


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