Member Testimonials

“My only true regret in life is that I didn’t join the National Speakers Association 30 years earlier. I always say the lessons that NSA teaches you about, well, all of life, serve you so well in every capacity, no matter your profession, skill level or area of expertise. The reason is the people, and how they are so willing to share their knowledge and experience. You learn how to share what is uniquely you to help others, and you learn how to do it with flair, originality, timeliness and humor. NSA is a potent force for good.”

Dave Lieber, CSP
The Watchdog columnist at The Dallas Morning News

“Will Rogers famously said, “Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.” What I love about the NSANT chapter is that statement in reverse: “Everybody is brilliant, only on different subjects.” The group has so much talent and expertise to share. I rarely attend a meeting that I don’t meet someone with a huge knowledgebase that’s intriguing or helpful to me in some way.”

Dianna Booher
Booher Research Institute

Debra Hunter Johnson“NSA-NT provides a phenomenal array of resources for speakers at any stage of their career. The invaluable part of my NSA-NT membership though, is the network, the community of generous, creative and energetic people speaking and training on amazingly interesting subjects. Participation in NSA-NT is time well used.”

Debra Hunter Johnson
Accelerate Your Wisdom Curve

“Everything, EVERYTHING, I’ve learned about speaking, writing, and making a living through professional speaking is from the information, people, and connections I made in NSA and NSA North Texas. NSA North Texas – If you want to make money speaking, you must join and attend this community.”

Linda Swindling
Author of “Stop Complainers and Energy Drainers” and “Ask Outrageously!”

“Personally, I’ve made good friends; professionally, this organization has kept me current with what’s going on in marketing – a crucial part of the speaking business.”

Vicki Hitzges
Keynote Speaker

“NSANT is fantastic. Having a community of others who get it and who are willing to support and help you is priceless. Each month, you receive valuable information and knowledge at the meetings and connect with new people, Speaking can feel like a lonely business, but with NSANT, its members and community, you’re never alone.”

Jessica Rector
Founder of JessICAREctor International, “This Man Thing”

“NSA has provided me with the strategies and confidence to grow my business from high 5 figures annually to mid 6 figures in just 3 short years.”

Mark Fenner
President Rise Performance Group

“The only place to learn the art and the business of speaking. You will be surrounded by the best in the world of speaking. A family of generous sharing professionals coming together for the success of all.”

Bill Wallace
Founder and CEO Success North Dallas

“I loved to speak and had been a trainer for a few years for other companies. The day I walked into NSANT in 1995 is the day I turned what I loved to do into a full time business. 22 years and going strong.”

Michael Hoffman, CSP
President, MDH Igniting Performance Inc.

“Without NSANT I would not be where I am in my career. The connections I’ve made will last forever.”

Leo Cardenas
Body Language Speaker

“NSA has provided two things: (1) A sense of connection to people and mentors in the speaking profession. (2) A shortened earning curve in how to be a more successful speaking professional.”

Andy Slipher
Marketing Strategist, Slipher, LLC

Stu Schlackman“NSA North Texas has increased my visibility in the speaking community that would have never happened by my own doing. Our chapter is life changing for all categories of speakers.”

Stu Schlackman

“NSANT has brought in leading experts from around the country and around the world to share their best tips. The result: it has fast-tracked my speaking career! Highly recommend to anyone serious about becoming or growing as a professional speaker!”

Melinda Marcus
Decision Catalyst
Influence Advisors

“As a member of two months in this organization, my direction, focus and strategy has transformed from scattered dreams to clear concise goals with unparalleled professional support and accountability. My progress has far surpassed my expectations much, to whom my mentor, Chuck Inman via the Charbonneau academy. I remain indebted.  For inviting and encouraging me to join, I’m most grateful to Bill Wallace.”

Susan Foster

“Anyone that is looking to re-energize their creative batteries, then NSA North Texas is where they need to be.  What makes NSA North Texas great is not in its spectacular content or how they provide it. What makes NSA North Texas so valuable is the people in NSA North Texas. Anyone that wants to surround themselves with the best and brightest in the speaking industry should join NSA North Texas.”

John Lucas

“NSA North Texas provides the content, connection, and community that helps drive my business in new and profitable ways. And the opportunities to be involved in building the chapter have taught me new technologies and strategies that have directly added value to my business and personal life. NSA North Texas is an amazing place to get plugged in to the business of professional speaking.”

Chris Price
President, Price Leadership Group
NSANT President 2015-2016

“I learn something new in every session and lab. NSA North Texas became my second family. It helps me be the best speaker I can be. Everyone reached out to me to help me. I couldn’t have been where I am today without this club, and the support of everyone. I enjoy what other members share with me and I enjoy sharing what I know with the others.”

Yoram Solomon, PhD
Large Scale Creativity

“I joined wanting to grow as a leader in the speaking business, I was asked to participate in Charbonneau Academy, TED clubs, labs, and national conferences, and I did all that was asked and grew along the way, BUT, I have networked with some of the most amazing people, gotten speaking gigs, learned to refer others and built relationships with the most positive giving and loving people in the world.”

Sherrie C Wilson
Author, Speaker and Catalyst for change

“For the two years of membership, without expectation, every NSANT event has been full of valuable content. I have always found and implemented these valuable nuggets into my business. As important have been the friendships I have developed with great speaking professionals.”

Jim Gardner
Owner Jim Gardner Live, Elite Performance Coaching

“NSANT has given me a support group that I can’t imagine being without. Being a part of a group with like-minded people that are always willing to help is priceless.”

Victoria Williams

“NSA-NT is a great place to learn the art of the speaking business. As a member of NSA-NT Academy, it has been a jumpstart for me to rethink and redefine my position as a professional speaker.”

Lia Bai

“As a member for four years, I have found the information provided at the local chapter to be extremely valuable to add to my speaking business. Coming to NSA shortens the learning curve – to hear best practices.”

Lauren Midgley, President
Lauren Midgley Presents

“I am a former member – probably 25 years ago. I refer my clients – adults in career transition — since the NSA program is a massive learning experience for building success skills and talents and the language to communicate this effectively. One can learn through NSA – the North Texas Chapter – what can be more valuable than spending a year and a $ fortune for a PhD.”

Dr. Helen Harkness
President – Career Design Associates Inc.

“This has been a great organization for meeting other speakers, growing my network and learning best practices. The speakers are very open, share their tips to make their business better and how you can apply it to your business. And your colleagues become friends.”

Shawn McBride
Chief Innovation Officer, McBride for Business

“I am a newbie to public speaking. I had no idea how much pre-work is required to be a successful public speaker. Nor did I know what supporting systems I need to grow my speaking business. NSA and their labs provided invaluable information in both tools and contacts to help me. If you want to jump start your public speaking career you must join!”

David Shiring

“I am about to be a member but even as a guest I already benefited from the NSANT. I felt immediately welcomed, made my first professional connections and learned so much within just weeks of joining. Amazing people, an amazing experience.”

Inka Nisinbaum

“Even though I’ve been speaking professionally since 1972, I learn something every chapter meeting that helps me grow personally and professionally.”
Rex Houze

“Inspiration. Encouragement. New Approaches. How to make money. Stay up to date.”

Linda Marsden Thomas

“The value of NSANT membership is amazingly priceless. Develop, quality, friends, relationships, knowledge. A network to expand your speaking. Career and business to higher levels.”

Dr. Joy Macci
Inner Winner Leadership, Innergetic Intelligence

Russ Riddle“My best friends are in this chapter, period! When I first attended eight years ago, I knew two people. Before I left that first meeting everyone in the room had talked to me – most friendly, sharing, caring group I’ve ever been a part of. Not only on a personal level, but professionally. The impact this group has had on my career is immeasurable! One of the best decisions I ever made was joining NSANT.”

Russ Riddle
Anomaly at Law

“Joining NSA-NT has helped in immeasurable ways. I was able to ramp up my speaking opportunities thanks to the amazing amount of talented people I was exposed to at the monthly meeting. The advice, the friendships and the support are invaluable.”

Kate Delaney
Delaney Media Group
President Elect of NSA-NT

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