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NSA North Texas members are the heart and soul of our organization. You have heard the phrase “membership has its rewards” many times and it is true of NSA North Texas. We are thankful that each of you have become part of our community and appreciate all of your contributions year in and year out.

The National Speakers Association and NSA North Texas work hard to recognize their members. Some of the distinctions used can be seen below.

2017 ~ Randy Pennington

2015 ~ Gary Rifkin

2015 ~ Gary Rifkin

2001 ~ Zig Ziglar (Honorary Chapter President 2011)

2001 ~ Zig Ziglar
(Honorary Chapter President 2011)

The Cavett Award

The highest award bestowed by the National Speakers Association is The Cavett Award. It represents a member’s exemplary accomplishments over the years in serving the speaking profession and the NSA as a whole. This prestigious award celebrates and honors those who demonstrate the spirit of Cavett Robert in the spirit of sharing, guiding, and inspiring other professional speakers.

NSA North Texas is honored to have three Cavett Award Recipients.


Established in 1977, the Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) is a lifetime award for speaking excellence and professionalism given to speakers who have been evaluated by their peers and judged to have mastered seven categories: material, style, experience, delivery, image, professionalism and communication. The award is not based on celebrity status, number of speeches, amount of income or involvement in NSA.

Current members from Texas:

Dianna Booher Prolific author of 44 books & communication expert (oral, written, interpersonal, organizational)

Expertise: Communication strategist working with leaders on executive presence and enterprise-wide communication, sales presentation skills, writing skills, interpersonal skills.

christine-cashen-speakerChristine Cashen A hilarious speaker on sparking ideas to handle conflict, reduce stress, and energize employees

Expertise: Humor, Stress, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Empowerment, and Personal Development.

Jjim-pancero-speakerim Pancero Advanced sales and sales management consulting and training to increase your competitive advantage and profitability

Expertise: “Business to business” advanced training for the outside sales reps, the managers who lead them and the executives who direct them.

randy-pennington-speakerRandy Pennington The resource for leaders who expect results

Expertise: Business, Change, Leadership, Organizational Development, Ethics/Integrity, Accountability, Healthcare/Medical, Associations

Coconnie-podesta-speakernnie Podesta Organizational therapist, human resource professional, and expert in the psychology of human behavior.

Expertise: Communication, Leadership, Management, Motivation, Relationships, Sales, Psychology, Communication



csp_logo-150x150The Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, conferred by the National Speakers Association and the International Federation for Professional Speakers, is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform skill.

The CSP designation is earned through demonstrating competence in a combination of standards:

  • Professional platform skills
  • Professional business management
  • Professional education
  • Professional association

There are several NSA/North Texas Members who hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation:

Learn more by going to:

Want to become a CSP?

If you are a speaker and want to set your sights on becoming one of the top 10 percent to have earned this credential, you can find more information and an application at MyNSA.org.

There are several NSA/North Texas Members who hold the Certified Speaking Professional designation

Meeting Professionals:

  • Certified Speaking Professionals Make Your Job Easier!
  • Think the caliber of presenters you select for your event is important?
  • Professional speakers who have earned the CSP designation bring a proven track record of experience and expertise to your meeting.
  • As speakers go through the five-year process of becoming certified, they are required to
  • Receive excellent ratings from past clients on performance evaluations
  • Demonstrate that they serve a wide variety of clients
  • Take part in ongoing education
  • Perform and document hundreds of presentations
  • Submit testimonial letters from their clients
  • Provide samples of their promotional materials

What Do People Who Hire Speakers Say About the CSP?

“When I see the CSP designation, I recognize it as the hallmark of a speaking professional who has met the impressive and high expectations required to earn the certification. Our audiences have never been disappointed in the powerful, relevant messages delivered in educational sessions conducted by CSPs.”

Nancy A. Woolever, PHR
Society of Human Resource Management

“CSP is an insurance policy toward the meeting planner’s success. The CSP designation is a qualifier in the mind of the astute planner.”

Brad Plumb
North American Speakers Bureau, Inc.

“I am a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional). I believe strongly in designations. It says you are committed to the profession. When I have equal speakers, I will take the CSP first over the non-CSP. Yes, CSP does make a difference in selecting speakers.”

Betty E. Garrett, CMP
Garrett Speakers International

“You know CSPs have achieved a certain discipline that puts them in a category all their own; they have passed the test of longevity; they have proven themselves. It makes a difference today and will continue to make a difference in the meetings industry.”

Marolyn Wright
Program Resources

“When I have a choice of a speaker who is a CSP or not, I will select the speaker who is a CSP.”

Michelle Lemmons
International Speakers Bureau, Inc.

“I always consider the CSP designation the hallmark of professional excellence. The CSPs that we have selected have never disappointed our audiences.”

Barbara S. Sadek
The Society for Human Resources Management

“It’s truly an indication that a speaker has achieved a higher level of professionalism. It’s something we look for first. I reduce my risk by hiring someone with a CSP.”

William Bess
Mfgrs. Representatives of America

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