• Chuck Inman

    A leadership and emotional intelligence specialist who demonstrates how to improve communication and strengthen teams.



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    • Presenters: Nikki Nanos / Christine Cashen / Leo Cardena
    Title: Winter/Spring Lab #2 - Session 2

    Stage Secrets on Stage Presence

    How to Create Interesting Introductions

    Discover Your Body Language Superpowers

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    • Presenter: Dianna Booher
    Title: Winter/Spring Lab #2 - Session 3

    Writing a Quality Book Quickly: A 12-Step Guide to Finish Your Book Fast

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    • Ruby Newell-Legner, CSP, CPAE
    Title: "Creating Systems to put You Center Stage”

    As an award-winning, customer satisfaction expert who speaks professionally, Ruby is well known for being a “Fan Experience Evangelist.” Whether focusing on internal or external customer service, she works with organizations to build better relationships: from front-line employees to customers, between co-workers and their peers, and from managers to the employees they supervise.

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