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    Linda Swindling

    American Airways magazine calls this MPI Platinum Speaker a "bargaining expert". Former NSA North Texas President.


    Negotiation, Success, Creativity, Persuasion/Influencing, Performance Improvement, Leadership

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    • Alvin Law, CSP, HoF
    Title: There Really Is No Such Word As Can't

    "There Really Is No Such Word As Can't" was a tedious mantra Alvin Law heard a million times growing up. Today, it is a life philosophy. For Professional Speakers, it is a challenge and a powerful message. Says Alvin, "We must live our words!" So his program will focus on "The Human Inside The Speaker" and what it takes to be the best!

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    • Jim Pancero, CSP, CPAE
    Title: Special NSA North Texas 1-Day Seminar: A Crash Course in the Professional Speaking Business

    This special seminar day is meant to help you reflect, refocus and strengthen your speaking business. Jim will be walking you through his business from beginning to end including sample proposals, letters of agreement, invoices and travel schedules. This is a chance for you to understand and evaluate a detailed "case study" of an experienced professional speaker so you can pick up new ideas to strengthen your own efforts and processes.

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