Submission Guidelines

Here’s a new chance to share your expertise about professional speaking., our NSA NT website now has a blog where we’ve been posting the monthly newsletter.  We are currently looking for contributing authors who want to share their expertise in any of the following topics:

  • The craft of speaking. Examples:
    • Checklists of things to do before, during, and after speaking
    • Technology: best clickers, microphones, A/V tips, social media interaction during a speech, video equipment, etc.
    • Tips for meeting planners: the difference between paid and free speakers, how to help a speaker create a great experience for the audience
    • Platform eloquence: tips for voice, gestures, stance, flow, interaction
    • Content tips: copyright laws, developing expertise
  • Excellence in the business of speaking.
    • Marketing, selling, speaker bureaus
    • Management, finance, operations, systems

Your audience will be meeting planners, professional speakers, and aspiring speakers. Submissions must be 500-800 words. Original, unpublished content is preferred, but previously published content, such as on your website, may be published as well.

You will receive a one sentence byline with photo, name, title, website link and links to your social media profiles. You’ll not only increase your SEO by being a blog contributor, you’ll also get in front of a list of hundreds of professionals in the speaking industry.

All submissions should be leading-edge, trendy, content rich and have how-to, practical applications, examples and case studies. The submissions must be unique, engaging, entertaining, conversational and fun to read. Think: highly shareable content that would catch your attention as a professional speaker.

The NSA-NT editor will review submissions. Submitting a post does not guarantee it will be published.  Submit your article in Word doc format to  If you are unsure of the topic, please feel free to send a pitch first.

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