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Choose from 3 – Levels of Professional Speaking Excellence

Hall of Fame Speakers (CPAE)
The National Speakers Association CPAE (Council of Peers Award for Excellence) Speaker Hall of Fame® is a lifetime award for speaking excellence in message, presentation/ delivery, experience, professionalism and collateral material. Find a DFW Hall of Fame speaker.
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)
Conferred by the National Speakers Association, the Certified Speaking Professional is the speaking profession’s international measure of professional platform competence. Find a CSP for your event.
Professional Speaker Plus
These speakers have achieved four out of these seven accomplishments: 1) Published Author, 2) TV Show, Appearance or Interviews, 3) Radio Show Host &/or Interviews, 4) Magazine Articles, 5) Spoken Nationally &/or Internationally, 6) Professionally Certified Coach/Trainer, 7) Professional Speaker Video. Find a Professional Speaker Plus.

About DFW Speaker Concierge

DFW Speaker Concierge is a cost-effective and convenient way for DFW Meeting Professionals to find high-quality professional speakers for events in DFW and nationally and internationally. The DFW Speaker Concierge is your one-stop resource for finding certified professional speakers for any event – keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, webinars and executive meeting facilitation. NSA-NT speakers have inspired thousands of audiences and can galvanize all types of meeting groups. Contact the NSA-NT Speaker Concierge to hire a speaker for your next event.In the spirit and honor of NSA Founder Cavett Robert, CSP, CPAE, all NSA-NT Speaker Concierge members will generously donate a percentage of program proceeds to NSA-NT partner organizations.

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