What Are The Benefits?

  • Network and develop relationships with established speakers
  • Visibility to meeting planners, speaker bureaus and other customers
  • Extensive professional development with the masters at affordable prices
  • Actionable ideas to grow your speaking business
  • Discounts on Constant Contact Services

For more detailed information on benefits, visit our membership page.

How Do I Join the National Speakers Association?
To apply for NSA’s Member Category, you need to verify that you have earned income from at least 20 fee-paid speaking engagements in the prior 12 months (or $25,000 in speaking fees in the prior 12 months). Verification documents include program documents, testimonial letters, contract copies or tax returns. If you make presentations as part of your salaried job, include a letter from your supervisor.

(You must reconfirm at annual renewals that you still qualify for membership by having made the 20 fee paid speeches or by earning the $25,000 in speaking fees.)

For more detailed information on how to join, visit our membership page.

I Speak As Part of My Job; Does That Count?
If you have made 20 speeches as a part of your job, you should submit documentation, including titles, the audience, dates and documentation from your employer that such speeches were an integral part of the job for which you are compensated.
The National organization will give credit for such speeches and consider them “fee paid” for purposes of determining your membership.

Please email national headquarters memberservices@nsaspeaker.org with questions you have about qualifications and benefits.

What Does It Cost To Join?
New Member Fee: $540
Member Renewal: $465

NSA/North Texas
New Member Fee: $205
Member Renewal: $180

New Affiliate Fee: $305
Member Renewal: $280

For more detailed information on how to join, visit our How To Join page.

Are You a Speakers Bureau? Will You Get Me Speaking Engagements?
We are not a speaker’s bureau! And, we don’t market speakers or get them speaking engagements.
However, with your involvement in the organization, you will meet others who could possibly recommend you for a speaking engagement. In addition, we actively promote our web site and online directory to meeting professionals, association executives and the media.

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