Membership 2017-2018

Are you looking for a way to dramatically enhance your speaking career?

Dave Hill Membership 2017-2018

Would you like more standing ovations, more bookings and the skills to run your speaking business more effectively? Then you need to become a member of the National Speakers Association of North Texas!

NSA North Texas (NSA-NT) is an organization for professional speakers and people who aspire to join their ranks. We are a chartered chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA), and share a common mission. We are dedicated to advancing the art and value of experts who speak professionally.

NSA North Texas is a caring and sharing network where you can find support and friendship with fellow speaking professionals. If you are serious about speaking — you need to join us!

Perhaps your speaking career is just beginning and you aren’t quite ready to go professional, or don’t quite qualify for Professional Membership in NSA. NSA North Texas provides a special participation for emerging speakers. . It’s called “Member Candidate (Affiliate)” and does not require national NSA Professional Membership. You can participate at the local level as an NSA North Texas Member Candidate (Affiliate) for two years while you determine whether professional speaking is the right career for you.

We hope you will join NSA North Texas. You will find membership fun, professionally rewarding and an opportunity to excel.

Come Join us!

Membership Levels

NSA North Texas has two levels of participation. Choose the one that best fits your situation.

  • Professional Membership
  • Member Candidate (Affiliate)

To qualify for Professional Membership to NSA North Texas, you must:

— Be a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (the National Organization), and
— Pay the NSA North Texas Annual Dues of $180.00 per year, plus a one-time $25.00 Processing Fee.

To qualify for Member Candidate Membership to NSA North Texas, you must:

The requirements for Member Candidate status are to pay the annual dues of $280.00 per year, plus a one-time $25.00 Processing Fee. However, Member Candidate (Affiliate) participation is only available for two (2) years.

Member Candidates are encouraged to volunteer for at least one activity.

National Speakers Association Professional Member Requirements

To qualify for professional membership in the National Speakers Association:

  • Document either (20) paid speeches within the prior 12 months, or at least $25,000 in speaking fees within the prior 12 months
  • Agree to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics, and
  •  Pay the National Organization Dues: $465.00 plus $75.00 administrative fee, totaling $540.00 the first year.

Speeches as Part of Employment

Speeches as a part of employment may qualify under the National Speakers Association guidelines. Contact

How to Proceed

If you are ALREADY a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (National Organization), you should:

If you are NOT a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (National Organization), and QUALIFY for National membership, you can apply to both NSA National and NSA North Texas at the same time.

If you aren’t a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (National Organization) and either don’t qualify for membership or don’t wish to join National at this time, consider joining the Member Candidate Program sponsored by the National Speakers Association of North Texas.

  • Print the NSA North Texas Member Candidate (Affiliate) Program application form or ask for one at one of our monthly Chapter events from the Membership Committee volunteers at our Membership Table. Click here to download: NSANT Member CANDIDATE Application
  • Fill out the form, and return it by mail or hand it to one of the Membership Volunteers at the Membership table at our monthly Chapter events with your check for $280.00 plus the $25.00 one-time processing fee for a total of $305.00. Alternately, you can pay your membership fee online by clicking here, selecting Member Candidate as your membership level, and following the prompts.

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