New Member Terms

New Member Terms

As a condition of membership in NSA-NT, applicants shall abide by NSA-NT regulations, policies, procedures, and bylaws
and shall comply with the code of ethics as they are now or may be in the future. In consideration of NSA-NT’s review of
my application, I hold the NSA-NT officers, directors, employees, agents, or others acting for or on behalf of NSA-NT
harmless and release them from any and all liability arising out of the acceptance or rejection of this application and the
suspension or termination of membership for any reason.

On-line Members Directory Information
NSA-NT maintains a presence on the internet through its website at and as a member you are entitled to have your
photo along with your professional credentials, contact information and a listing of the topics you speak on featured there. Meeting
planners and event coordinators of all types are relying more and more on our site as way of locating some of the industry’s finest
speakers. Your alphabetical listing will include the following: name, designation(s)/degree(s), description, company name, address,
phone, fax, email, web site, membership category and join date which will be transferred from speakers when you join as a National
Speakers Association member on

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