Member Candidate Terms

Member Candidate Terms

I may not qualify to be a full member just yet, however I feel certain that by participating as an MEMBER
CANDIDATE within NSA-NT, I can experience tremendous value in learning from the people in this great
educational and networking organization, which is what I must do to join the ranks of the professional speakers.

By enrolling as an MEMBER CANDIDATE, I will be able to attend the monthly NSA-NT meetings at member
prices, enjoying the wealth of talent brought to us each month, by some of the finest speakers in NSA. I understand
that as an MEMBER CANDIDATE I may also apply for entry into the NSA-NT Charbonneau Speaker’s Academy
and accelerate the growth of my own speaking career!

(I understand that as an MEMBER CANDIDATE I will not be a full member of NSA-NT, and therefore I will
not qualify to be listed on the NSA-NT website, nor the NSA-NT directory and I may not use the NSA logo.)

As an MEMBER CANDIDATE sponsored by NSA-NT, applicants shall abide by NSA-NT regulations,
policies, procedures, and bylaws and shall comply with the code of ethics as they are now or may be in the
future. In consideration of NSA-NT’s review of my application, I hold the NSA-NT officers, directors,
employees, agents, or others acting for or on behalf of NSA-NT harmless and release them from any and all
liability arising out of the acceptance or rejection of this application and the suspension or termination of
this relationship for any reason.

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