Jim Pancero’s Speaker Workshop

Special NSA North Texas Members Only 1-Day Seminar

March 24, 2018 – 9:00am to 4:00pm – Hilton Garden Inn, Dallas/Richardson

“A Crash Course in Being a Professional Speaker… So You Don’t Crash!”

How are you taking your professional speaking career to the next level? Join Jim Pancero CSP, CPAE as he shares his over 36 years of experience, as well as his business model with our chapter.

This special seminar day is meant to help you reflect, refocus and strengthen your speaking business. Jim will be walking you through his business from beginning to end including sample proposals, letters of agreement, invoices and travel schedules. This is a chance for you to understand and evaluate a detailed “case study” of an experienced professional speaker so you can pick up new ideas to strengthen your own efforts and processes. A detailed workbook with lots of paper and process details will be provided to each attendee. There will also be plenty of time for questions and group discussion.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Strengthening Your Technical Skills as a Professional Speaker
    • How to position yourself as a specialist instead of a generalist
    • How your focus will impact your pricing
    • How to keep your ego out of your speaking business
    • How to best use PowerPoint slides to support your presentation
    • How to control your meeting room and presentation
  • Strengthening Your Marketing Skills as a Professional Speaker
    • How to increase your value by selling a process instead of an event
    • What is your marketing “feeder system” to bring you new business?
    • How to use your website and YouTube clips to validate your speaking business
    • How to increase your visibility on the Internet
    • How to effectively “Suck up” to your meeting planner
  • Strengthening Your Business/Financial Skills
    • The tricks & techniques of traveling for business
    • How to run your back office (at least how we do it)
    • Sample letters of agreement, job tracking forms, check lists, and a sample “calendar printout of a job”
    • A review of my traveling briefcase to a speaking job – What are the min tools needed?
    • How to establish a strong financial tracking system for your business

We know youre good…now are you ready to get even better?


Limited to 40 attendees
– 15 Current NSA-NT Academy Members
– 25 NSA-NT members


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