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July 2016 Newsletter – President Update – Chris Price

Let’s Take a Break July is our traditional break as a Chapter. This allows us to transition our volunteer leadership team, and provides the space for us to participate in the NSA National Convention in Phoenix on July 23-26, 2016. We consistently have one of the highest […]

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June 2016 Newsletter

A Note from Your President Gratitude Gives a Great Return on Investment In the beginning, I myself didn’t fully believe the hype. When this year’s theme formed for me (“Your Best Year Yet”), I was certainly hopeful that it would offer a solid foundation on which we […]

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May 2016 Newsletter

A Note from Your President The Value (and Cost) of Involvement NSA Chapters are like any other group (Business, Charity, Professional, Church, Government, etc.). All groups desire to be effective, as measured by ongoing performance and results. The reality is that organizations don’t stand static in place. […]

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April 2016 Newsletter

A Note from Your President My Strengths ARE my Watchouts I’m analytical. Not overly judgmental, but observant, and I easily see (or imagine) the various implications of actions, words, and ideas. I am able to see and even argue multiple facets of topics, situations, and problems. This […]

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March 2016 Newsletter

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February 2016 Newsletter

A Note from Your President New Beginnings I wasn’t ready. And I was Totally ready. Friday, November 27th – It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and I’m leaving my Mom’s house in Wichita Falls, Texas to drive to Dallas to join a dinner party with old friends from […]

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January 2016 Newsletter

A Note from Your President A New Year – Change Everything. Change Nothing. If you are serious about being a professional in the world of speaking, I hope you have taken the opportunity to watch (or re-watch) the closing keynote presentation from Influence 2015. Mark Scharenbroich, CSP, […]

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December 2015 Newsletter

A Note from Your President Thankful & Grateful during the Holiday Season This time of year is hectic for many people, including us NSA-NTers. With work and family expectations and obligations, we can easily get caught up in what “we have to do”, rather than being grateful […]

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November 2015 Newsletter

A Note from Your President Costumes & Presentations: Taking Away = More Clarity and Value I grew up an only child, with a highly creative and frugal mother. This often meant Halloween was less about spending big money on costumes, and more about pulling together interesting ensembles […]

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October 2015 Newsletter

A Note from Your President How will you aim to make it Your Best Year Yet? As we are a professional and supportive family of speakers, trainers, and consultants, I believe there is power in sharing our broad goals with each other. We can challenge and support […]

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