President’s Message

Kate Delaney, 2017-2018 NSA North Texas President

Kate Delaney
2017-2018 NSA North Texas President

President’s Message

Every time CSP and former Voices of Experience Chair Michael Hoffman gets up in front of the Chapter I’m reminded of why NSA-NT is so special. He can’t help but get choked up when he talks about being around the community of speakers in his own backyard.

His tag team partner Hall of Fame speaker, CSP Christine Cashen always mentions how special the people are in North Texas. I bet if you unlocked her iPhone you’d surely find a directory of celebrities, CEOs and well known international speakers.

So why would they belong to a local Chapter? Both are busy, booked and have families to spend time with when they come off the road.

Could it be that the bacon at the Hilton Garden Inn in Richardson is too good to pass up at 8 am on a Saturday? Could it be that they want to hear the monthly speakers at our NSA-NT meeting who they’ve probably known for years? Have they both let their gym memberships expire and it’s a way to get a free workout in after the meeting?

As I am about to become the next President of the NSA-NT I have to be totally candid. I am juggling two nationally syndicated talk shows on NBC and a Forbes Nightly Business segment with a pending Forbes book. Throw in a speaking career that has me on the road so much my husband has had time to learn four languages. My non-speaker friends think I’ve lost my mind.

So why would I take this on and care about the future of the NSA-NT? Maybe because one night when I was with a buddy at a diner in Charleston, South Carolina I got a call from CSP Dave Lieber. He said as your friend I have to tell you – you need a new head shot and we are going to rewrite your bio together. He said I was burying the lead. Poof, two weeks later two full fee bookings. Maybe it’s because Christine Cashen saw me speak and instead of falling all over my stories like everyone else she added a few tweaks. Boom. I had UPS eating out of my hands with her new opening line.

I could go on and on about the end of a perfect story Kelli Vrla came up with when she saw me do Stand Up. Or the countless texts I got the first time I spoke in front the NSA National Audience.

If you are on the fence about jumping into this amazing community, come to a meeting. I bet you’ll find it hard not to join. As for me I’m here no matter what my role is or at least until I steal Christine Cashen’s phone.

Kate Delaney
2017-2018 NSA North Texas President

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