November 2017 Newsletter

November 2017 Newsletter

A Note from Your President

Is it really November already? Hard to believe we are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, a great time of year to collect stories. My friends are still talking about the time my husband cooked the turkey upside down and had no idea. Is there a lesson or point I could share with an audience? Yes. Done is better than perfect.

As a kid I was dragged to the Macy’s Parade in New York City almost every year. One of my favorite memories of my father, who died when I was eight, came from that march to West 34th Street. Every year the last thing in the parade is Santa arriving at the Macy’s store on Herald Square. He always yelled out kids names. One year as I sat on my father’s shoulders Santa yelled out to me, “Hello Katie”. That was what everyone called me especially my Father. I was shocked and he was so proud. He mentioned it all the time until we lost him. Gift don’t have to be expensive.

I bring up stories as I’ve noticed more meeting planners are asking me about mine. If there is a booking season in speaking it’s happening right now. What are your stories? Are they relateable to the audience? Is it all about you with no real relevance to the crowd?

My last story is about all of you. Thanks! I am grateful in the year that I am serving as President that so many of you have sent me thoughtful notes, cards, emails and texts. You have no idea how much that means to me.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kate Delaney
President 2017-18
NSA North Texas (@NSANorthTexas)

November 2017 Program: Digital Persuasion-Sell Smarter in the Modern Market

Erin Gargan

Erin Gargan

When you type, text or tweet, how persuasive are you? With 98% of digital outreach being ignored or deleted, your ability to influence others-from behind the screen- is your biggest indicator of sales success in the modern marketplace. Forget firm handshakes and eye contact- first impressions in the 21st century are dependent on your digital persuasion prowess. Are you able to entice someone to give you a chance- using just your keyboard? It used to be that you had 7 seconds to make a first impression. Today, you have about 2 seconds- or however long it takes for that potential customer, client or partner to scan the first few words of their mobile notification to decide if you are an “ignore” or “engage”.

Erin helps her audiences understand the psychology behind why some people’s digital messaging wins time with prospects-while most others don’t. She shares her formula for how to effectively and appropriately elicit a response, spark a dialogue and bypass the “screen-keeper” to attract more in-person opportunities. Using Erin’s formula, attendees leave empowered and equipped to attract attention, increase influence and win more opportunities in the digital age.

Learning Objectives

Your audience will understand:

  • What is digital persuasion and why it’s an essential survive-and-thrive skill to master
  • How the evolution of social media has impacted traditional business networking and communication
  • How to adapt “right person, right message, right time” best practices to differentiate yourself and attract more of your sales targets online
  • Psychology principles behind effective digital persuasion
  • The One Thing all digitally persuasive salespeople have in common
  • The biggest digital influence mistake everyone makes- and how to avoid it
  • The 3 Step Digital Persuasion Formula for transforming online activity into offline relationships and opportunities

About the Speaker:

Erin Gargan is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and digital persuasion expert. She is CEO of Socialite Agency, a social media firm whose clients include The Oscars, ABC/Disney, VISA, Hitachi and others. She is the author of “Digital Persuasion: Sell Smarter in the Modern Marketplace.” Erin is also an advisor for Camp One Ventures, a Palo Alto-based venture capital firm. She has been featured in Forbes and was recently named a 2017 “Woman in Business” by the Orange County Business Journal. Erin helps sales, marketing and event professionals attract attention and increase influence using the power of digital persuasion.

For more about Erin, visit her website

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you, the speaker: Speakers, lies and videotapes

by Dave Lieber, CSP
Dallas Morning News columnist

Dave Lieber

Dave Lieber

The speaker is excited about the speech before the national convention in the big ballroom at the Gaylord Texan. He hires a videographer to record it. Hopes he will do well enough to earn a standing ovation.

Wouldn’t a standing O look great on his website?

Morning of the speech, the speaker looks in the mirror and announces: “Today! Standing O! You can do it!”

Later, in that ballroom, the speaker knows he nailed it! The audience pays close attention. Laughs at all the right places. And in the end, whoa baby, he does get that standing ovation.

He savors it. The wild enthusiasm in the room feels like it lasts for minutes. Enveloped in the wild clapping around him, he smiles and thinks: Oh, how great this will look on the website!

Weeks later, he watches the raw footage.

You, the speaker, know the pain of watching yourself give a speech. You know the truths it brings, undeniably. What you think is good isn’t because, well, there are suddenly so many reasons why.

That standing ovation? When the camera pans to show it, yes, the crowd is quick to its feet, but the camera shows something else: many in the close-ups cease clapping as soon as they can. This standing ovation is a traditional thank you to all the group’s speakers.

And what felt like minutes … that’s just a few seconds on video.

Their locked-in focus and laughter? Maybe, but the tape also offers endless closeups of fidgeting, watch-checking listeners hidden throughout the crowd.

That videotape? Forget about using it on the website. But there’s another reason for it existence.

That videotape is a gift of humility.

Dave Lieber, CSP, is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a 10 year member of NSA/North Texas. @DaveLieber.

November 2017 – A Spark Neglected Makes Many a Fire, NSANT Code of Ethics   

by Sherrie Wilson

The purpose of this Code of Professional Ethics is to establish and maintain our brand, reputation and public confidence in the professionalism, dedication, and integrity of not only the individual member of NSA, but also of the Association itself.

As speakers we talk about integrity, but talk is cheap. Demonstrating integrity is our highest calling. Our beliefs, words and actions all work together to determine our core – integrity.

Beliefs get in the way of our integrity too. If we say, “I stand for love of others,” but then I am disgusted by someone with a different religion or different way of being than I, where does that love I say I have for others, fit in the equation? I cannot stand in (my word) to love another and hate at the same time. You cannot light and extinguish a fire at the same time. The two cannot exist together. – Sherrie C Wilson, Author of Courageous Leadership

Integrity first and foremost means honoring your word. Consider that this defines you and who you are. Good intentions are not enough either, it requires and demands a good impact where your integrity is concerned.

The quantum physics “Law of Entanglement,” means we are all linked together and we all affect one another. What you do impacts me and what I do impacts you. It’s a ripple effect in its most simple form. What is the ripple effect or impact you have on others? This relationship, this co-existence says we are entangled. While it might seem like bizarre science fiction, the practical application is: if your integrity is exhausted, you will be affected.

Take a moment to read the NSA Code of Ethics. Plant in your heart, soul and mind to uphold and demonstrate our code of ethics in everyday life. Keep that powerful spark in your life by demonstrating your highest calling in the speaker business – integrity.

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hilton-garden-inn-richardsonFor the 2017-18 meeting schedule, we’ll again be meeting a the Hilton Garden Inn located at:

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Phone: (972) 792-9393.

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Our October Speaker, Patrick Allmond

Our October Speaker, Patrick Allmond

Cavett Award Winners Randy Pennington,CSP, CPAE  and Gary Rifkin, CSP

Cavett Award Winners Randy Pennington,CSP, CPAE
and Gary Rifkin, CSP

Members Dr. Joy Macci and Mary German

Members Dr. Joy Macci and Mary German

Members Gene Mosley, Dave Lieber, CSP, Tim Durkin, CSP  and Secretary Chuck Inman

Members Gene Mosley, Dave Lieber, CSP, Tim Durkin, CSP
and Secretary Chuck Inman

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