July 2017 Newsletter

July 2017 Newsletter

A Note from Your President

As President, heading off to the National Speakers Association’s yearly Influence gathering in Orlando felt a little different. For one thing I was bringing the banner. The dimensions turned out to be a little hazardous for a woman at the TSA line. Luckily my aim was bad; and I merely scattered her belongings out of her hands. No bodily injuries. She, like everyone else, just saw the tube I was hauling not the message inside.

I’ve been sitting on “Fire Up your Fanaticism” for more than a year. The idea washed over me one night while visiting friends in NYC. Perhaps, like me, you are lucky enough to have those friends who boost you up, are always ready to listen, are there for you through thick and thin and continuously “Fire Up Your Fanaticism.”

The speaking business can be a lonely one. It’s probably what drove you to join the NSANT. My hope for all of you at the end of this year is that you not only feel that we have “your back” but we helped you grow your business. It all starts with my good friend Dawnna St. Louis. Don’t miss this year’s kick-off meeting on August 12th. Get ready to “Fire Up Your Fanaticism.”

Kate Delaney
President 2017-18
NSA North Texas (@NSANorthTexas)

you, the speaker: Great convention quotes

by Dave Lieber, CSP
Dallas Morning News columnist

Almost time for the Cashen-Hoffman convention.

I remember that at the 2012 convention I wrote down my favorite quotations from top speakers. I recently found my list. Reading these is like a day at the convention.

“We humorists are not high-content thought leaders.” – Jeanne Robertson, CSP, CPAE

“Give us time to think about it in terms of your pacing.” – Scott McKain, CSP, CPAE, on speakers who talk too fast.

“This business is not about you. It’s about the people who write the checks for what you do, unless, of course, you have no interest in getting paid.” – Peter Sheahan, CSP, CPAE

“If you can’t be engaging and entertaining in front of a brick wall, wait until you sit in front of 300 engineers saying, ‘Just try and teach me something Kangaroo Boy.'” – Sheahan quoting his mentor who forced him to train by speaking to a brick wall.

“The best way to corner a niche is to create your own niche.” – Sam Horn

“Humor is saying what nobody else will say, but you know they are thinking it.” – Kelly Swanson

“What’s interesting about this group is that somewhere in all of your resumes it says your name is ‘one of the most sought-after speakers in the world.’ Yet we’re all available here tonight.” – Ross Shafer, accepting his CPAE.

“This person told our giant room that when you make a sale, you experience the same physiological effects as when you have sex. And it answered a lot of questions for me because it helped me realize that often, as I’ve gotten older, when I make a sale, that’s why I’m unable to make another sale.” – Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, introducing CPAE winner Terri Sjodin, CSP.

“There are a lot of Cavett Roberts sitting around this room tonight. Some of them are women. Some of them are men. Perhaps at your table are one or two people who give, people who care, people who are willing to help others without reward. Around this room this spirit of Cavett lives as long as you keep it alive.” – W Mitchell, presenting the Cavett Award.

See all y’all in Orlando!!!

* * *

Dave Lieber, CSP, is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a 10 year member of NSA/North Texas. @DaveLieber.

Encore, Encore to the 2016-17 Charbonneau Academy

by Alex Ramsey

Contrary to its Francophile-sounding name, The Charbonneau Academy is not a special interest group for French lessons, wine tasting, or cattle breeding. Instead it is the name sake of the late, beloved NSANT’s Joe Charbonneau. The Academy is a cram-packed, 10-month program – in addition to the NSANT regular monthly programs, and accelerates the speaking careers of those new to NSANT who want to learn the business faster and work smarter.

Fast track is exactly what the 2016-2017 Charbonneau-Academy class jumped in to experience starting last September 2016. Our “whiz kids” soaked up the ins and outs of the speaking biz from the great and powerful in our chapter, speaking wizards such as Christine Cashen, CSP,CPAE, Russ Riddle, Jim Pancero, CSP,CPAE and Gary Rifkin, CSP to name only a few. These and many more NSANT pros carved out their precious time to help my co-dean Nikki Nanos and me put the class through a tough curriculum. Fortunately, the class met our challenges and critiques as champions. They came out on the other side winning big-time in their growth and understanding of what this fantastic, topsy-turvy business takes to be successful. And successful they were, as evidenced by the video-taped documentation of their “graduation” speeches delivered near the end of the Academy year.

Congratulations to the class: Lia Bai, Danny Evans, Susan Foster, Courteney Harris, Debra Hunter Johnson, Kevin Light, Nancy Little, Dawan Mazzu, Courtney Ramsey, Crofton Rhodes, Dave Shiring, Yoram Solomon, Tim Summers, and Linda Thomas.

The 2016-17 Academy Class

The 2016-17 Academy Class

We’d like to provide one more round of applause to mentors who were in it for the long haul to support the class and their mentees. They provided many valuable hours of support: Sandi Levya, Julie Alexander,CSP,CPAE, Chris Price, Chuck Inman, Dave Hill, Russ Riddle, Gary Rifkin,CSP, Bob Phillips, Robert Menard, Mark Fenner, Karen Cortell Reisman, Kelly Vrla,CSP, Amy Kinnard, Kate Delaney, Melinda Marcus,CSP, Linda Swindling,CSP and Betti Coffey.

Last but not least, we’d like to give a special thank you to Dawnie Dahir for volunteering all year long to keep us on track with administration.

As great as every Academy is, 2016-2017 will be a hard act to follow. That’s the way we like it, though. Raise the bar, and raise it again!

Alex Ramsey
2016-17, 2015-16 Co-Dean of the Charbonneau Academy
2012-2014 NSA Chapter Leadership
2008-9 President NSA-NT

June Meeting Recap

by Bill Lynch

Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE

Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE

Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE – Up Close and Personal

Mikki’s format was essentially questions and answers and she provided wisdom from her 30-year speaking career. Many of the questions came from the CSP community in attendance at the meeting. This is a sampling of the wisdom she imparted.

Her trademark is being outrageous. “Anyone can copy different, no one can copy unique” so be unique. Watch what people are saying about you and mold that into your brand. Your brand is not what you want it to be, but what your audiences says it is. Be consistent to your brand. To keep the audience involved have them physically change every 7-10 minutes. (Raise hand, talk to neighbor, etc.)

Be authentic, don’t be speaker man on the stage and someone else off the stage. Stay relevant by only doing what you want to do. Don’t hop on every new technology trend. Make it all about you and who you are. Your niche will find you.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that you are a business person and the business you run is a speaking business. That said, develop multiple streams of income. She has a speaking school. She coaches speakers as well as speaking. She has books to sell. Have a 3-5 year set of goals for your business and track your progress. Use your goals as a filter to decide what activities to do. If it does not support your goals, why are you doing it?

Don’t ever judge your audience. You have no idea what opportunities exist with the people in the audience. In the same way, always network. You have no idea who the person who is styling your hair knows and what doors they may be able to open. She gave several personal examples of great results that were achieved because of networking with people who seemingly had little to offer. Stay in touch and be tenacious. Your network defines your net worth.

She has one killer speech with several titles. Minor changes in the content can make the same speech work for many purposes. Take risks. If you bomb, call attention to it. Self-deprecating humor is the best kind to use on stage.

Collect everyday humor. Have a collection of stories and data on topics and organize them so you can find what you need when you need it. She has been collecting humor for 30 years and has it all categorized.

Keep in mind, you are in the “Emotional transportation business” ™

Structure of a keynote:
1. Wow opening (Walk out, wait, then wow opening)
2. 3 objectives
3. Story, point, call to action (repeat for each objective)
4. Revisit the 3 objectives

Membership Update from Outgoing Membership Director, Lauren Midgley

Another successful growth year for North Texas!

We started our year with 118 members: 79 professional and 39 candidates.

We ended our year with 136 members: 91 professional and 45 candidates. 15% growth!

Our chapter continues to get stronger each year with quality speakers, dedicated the profession.

I would like to thank Jim Gardner and Nancy Little for their help at each of the meetings to greet the members and welcome our First Time Guests.

Additionally, I thank all of our existing members for their continued contribution to our chapter strength.

Let’s make 2017-2018 another strong year, under the leadership of Dave Hill, incoming Membership Director.

Chapter Meeting Location

hilton-garden-inn-richardsonFor the 2017-18 meeting schedule, we’ll again be meeting a the Hilton Garden Inn located at:

1001 W President George Bush Hwy.
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (972) 792-9393.

Click here for a map to our meeting location.

Photo Gallery

June Meeting Speaker Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE

June Meeting Speaker Mikki Williams, CSP, CPAE


Graduation for Charbonneau Academy

Graduation for Charbonneau Academy


President Stu Schlackman, CSP turns over the presidency to Kate Delaney

President Stu Schlackman, CSP turns over the presidency to Kate Delaney


NSA-NT Members Mary German and Joy Macci with Outgoing President Stu Schlackman, CSP

NSA-NT Members Mary German and Joy Macci with Outgoing President Stu Schlackman, CSP

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