April 2017 Newsletter

April 2017 Newsletter

Stu Schlackman

A Note from Your President

Welcome to April, NSA North Texas family! Are you leveraging your value when working with you potential clients? There’s a great strategy in Negotiation Skills that we used to teach that tells us to give away something to the customer that they see as great value, yet it’s minimal out of our pocket. It can be the differentiator that can win the business over your competition. Many times, over the past several years as I worked with customers, they would ask what else I can provide as a takeaway from my keynote or workshop? As speakers, we all develop support material that goes with our programs. It might be a book, skill cards, DVDs, videos or podcasts. These are your tools that can make the difference in winning the business. It also shows the customer the level of your expertise and the commitment to the business.

The best example I’ve experienced is when a customer had a hard time meeting the usual fee for my deliverable. The customer said if I can come down just a little on my fee, we would have a deal. My response would be to see if we kept the fee the same, I would give each of the participants a copy of my book and a set of skills cards that supported the workshop. This has worked every time I’ve asked. It’s easy for the customer to do the math. If your fee is $5000 and you let the customer know you will be giving the 100 participants a copy of your book and skill cards, they can see the value increase dramatically. If your book retails for $20, that’s $2000 in value and the skill cards are another $500. What the customer doesn’t realize is that your cost for the book and skill cards is $3.50. That’s an investment on your part of $350 to justify your $5000 fee. It’s a win-win since your customer is getting great value and you’re getting close to your fee. You’re also getting you book and cards out there that can lead to more speaking engagements and books sales.

Remember the formula Value = Benefit/Cost. The more benefit the customer sees, the more value is noticed which diminishes the focus on the cost.
Good selling to you!

Stu Schlackman
President 2016-17
NSA North Texas (@NSANorthTexas)

April 2017 Program -Patrick Donadio, MBA, CSP, MCC – Communicating with IMPACT© –
he 6 Strategies to Make a Bigger IMPACT on Your Audience and Your Clients

We work in the “speaking business” and that means we need to work on both our “speaking” and our “business”.

After 30 years as a full-time professional speaker, Patrick will share what he has learned about building and maintaining a profitable speaking business both on and off the stage.

He will demonstrate his proven six-step IMPACT© process so you can apply it to improve your presentation and increase your profits. Whether you are a seasoned speaker or new to the business, this engaging session will generate many actionable ideas you can implement immediately.

During this program your will learn to:

  • Create your own process to get results faster
  • Apply the 3 criteria that make your openings more powerful
  • Engage audience members physically, mentally and emotionally to create a greater IMPACT
  • Go deeper with current clients to get repeat business
  • Explore ways to obtain more local business
  • Implement a follow up practice to increase your clients results and enhance your brand

So join Patrick on April 8th and learn “Communicating with IMPACT” strategies and tactics to better engage audiences and get more repeat business.

About the Speaker

Patrick Donadio

Since 1986, Patrick J. Donadio, MBA, has guided leaders and their organizations with powerful presentations and one-on-one business communications coaching. From the boardroom to the classroom, he teaches his results-based six step process for “Communicating with IMPACT©” to help leaders improve communication and presentation skills, deepen professional relationships, increase profits, and boost performance in less time.

Patrick serves on the board of the National Speakers Association (NSA) and is one of only four people in the world to have earned both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation from NSA, and the Master Certified Coach (MCC) designation from the International Coach Federation (ICF), the highest earned designations in both associations.

Patrick has empowered audiences nationally and internationally and has appeared on the same programs with such renowned speakers as: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, LA Lakers point guard; Joan Lunden, former Good Morning America host; Lou Holtz, Notre Dame Legend; George Will, ABC TV news analyst and Comedian Jeff Foxworthy just to name a few.

As an educator, he has taught communications at the University of Notre Dame, The Weatherhead School of Management, The Ohio State University, and The John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Patrick Donadio’s website: http://www.patrickdonadio.com/

Come see Patrick on April 8th!

Click here to register

Members – Make Your Nomination  for the Zig Ziglar Member of the Year

Each year the North Texas Chapter of the National Speakers Association (NSA) awards the Zig Ziglar Member of the Year to the individual who has gone “beyond the call of duty” to support and promote the Chapter. Nominations are collected in April. Votes on the Top Five Nominees are collected in May. This year’s Award Recipient will be announced in June at the final meeting of the NSANT year.

All Professional Members and Member Candidates may nominate a Professional Member for the Zig Ziglar Member of the Year award. The current Chapter President, and the previous five (5) Award Winners are not eligible. All nominations must include the Professional Member’s name and reason for award nomination.

Please click the following link to open the list of Previous Winners: https://speaker.org/about-us/history-makers/

Here are the Professional Members who are eligible for this year’s Award: https://www.espeakers.com/s/nntc/v2#/search

After reviewing the list of eligible Professional Members, provide your Nomination here: https://goo.gl/aatNQ7

Please respond no later than Monday, 10-April 2017.

Thank You for participating in this important process of Recognition for the North Texas Chapter!

you, the speaker: The little bag

by Dave Lieber, CSP
Dallas Morning News columnist

The crinkling little bag got to me, stopped me mid-speech like a freight train at a railroad crossing. I couldn’t go on.

Talking to a group of women in Garland the other night, I stopped and said, “I can’t talk with that bag.” Then my mind went blank.

Everyone in the audience looked at the offender sitting in the back with a Wal-Mart plastic sack. She was trying to undo a knot. The more she messed with the knot, the louder that crinkling noise became.

Then she put the knot in her mouth and tried to undo it with her teeth. It was like six cell phones going off at the same time. No one was listening to me anymore.

“I can’t talk with that bag.”

Everyone looked at me, then at her. She smiled and put the bag down.

“Where was I?”

At the end of the talk, I made a joke referring back to the bag. Let everyone know I was OK. We were OK. There was a nod of relief from audience members.

And when Bag Lady came up afterward to apologize, I laughed and said I wasn’t angry at all. I gave her a gift and we hugged. All’s well that ends well.

In the parking lot, she came back over and said, “You’re a very good speaker.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “but if I were a pro, I would have been able to talk right through that plastic bag in your mouth.”

She answered: “That’s right!”

Fifteen minutes later in the car, I finally figured out what I should have said:

“Ma’am, excuse me but do you need any help with that bag?”

Yeah, it’s about them, not us – even in the dumbest circumstances.

How do you handle a ringing cell phone or other distractions in the middle of your talk? Do you ignore it? Do you make a joke? If so, what kind?

Dave Lieber, CSP, has written a regular column in this space since 2008. This originally ran in our newsletter in December, 2009.

* * *

Dave Lieber, CSP, is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a 10 year member of NSA/North Texas. @DaveLieber.

March Meeting Recap

by Bill Lynch

Liz Weber, CMC, CSP – Stop Doing Things that don’t help your business!

Liz Weber came to North Texas to teach a practical way to establish a plan for our speaking business.

1. What are you trying to do with your speaking?

  • “The brain craves certainty” Scott Halford
  • A plan gives the brain certainty

2. A strategic plan helps you understand where you want your business to be two, three or four years down the road

  • Based on that what people and talents will you need
  • A plan is useless unless you implement it

3. What do you want your business to do for you?

4. Define a three year set of goals

5. What are you going to need to accomplish your first year goals

  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Investment in marketing
  • Sources of revenue
    • Keynotes
    • Training days
    • Services and product packages
  • What will be your expenses, taxes, savings and other obligations

6. Based on number 5, how much revenue do I need to generate to reach the net income and take home pay you want?

Tip 1: Clarify the true type of speaking business you want to build.

  • Do you want to become a celebrity?
  • Do you want to have a large team and build a million dollar business?
  • Do you want to share your message, save the world and make a living?

Tip 2: Identify the amount of revenue needed to support your vision

  • How much will you need to make each year? Each month:
  • What does my current mix of products bring in now?
  • What mix will be needed to achieve my vision?

Tip 3: Identify the infrastructure needed to support your vision.

  • Set a clear goal: By _______________ my speaking business will generate_____________ in sales and ______________ net income to me.
  • What strategies to increase your revenue will you employ?
    • Books
    • Keynotes
    • Training Days
    • Consulting Days, etc
  • How much revenue can each bring in and by what time?
  • What concrete steps do you need to take to achieve the revenue goals

Tip 4: Confirm your customer alignment

  • Which of your clients would you consider partners? They love you, you love working for them and they are profitable.
  • Which of your clients consider you a trusted advisor?
  • Some probably see you as a commodity/Problem Solver
  • Some probably see you as the cheap alternative

Tip 5: Create a benefits-oriented Mission Statement

  • Because of my work with clients they now…
  • I help my clients develop…
  • I help organizations transition from… to…

Tip 6: Create a store of brand-enhancing products and services

  • Identify a customer by name. What would make their life easier?
  • Keep repeating the process

Tip 7: Identify things you need to stop doing

  • Jobs that you should farm out
  • Customers you should fire

Liz then spent time telling us to start doing something.

If you are an All Access Pass holder and you missed this session, go online and listen to the audio. Good material will be presented.

Good News from our March Meeting

Kate Delaney is starting nightly Forbes-Syndicated radio segments and they are publishing her book. Forbes will also post the content and column on Forbes.com. (Not a free lunch winner!)

Lia Bai successfully conducted an event “From Accent to Excellence.” She was keynoter, moderator and event planner for the event.

Nigel Risner, PSAE (UK equivalent of CPAE) visited our chapter while in the US to speak at a convention at the Gaylord Texan. He teaches people to become Zookeepers.

Ron Hoesterey is now a regular contributor of stories to the Wood County Community Chronicle.

Bill Wallace is delivering the commencement address at Northwood University on May 4th and receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Laws.

Joy Macci did a keynote and an on court presentation at the 2017 USPTA/USTA Texas Annual Conference.

Congratulations to everyone on these great accomplishments.

Chapter Meeting Location

hilton-garden-inn-richardsonFor the 2016-17 meeting schedule, we’ll again be meeting a the Hilton Garden Inn located at:

1001 W President George Bush Hwy.
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (972) 792-9393.

Click here for a map to our meeting location.

Photo Gallery

March Speaker Liz Weber, CMC, CSP


March Ed Talk Speaker Linda Swindling, CSP

March Ed Talk Speaker Linda Swindling, CSP


Member Nancy Little with visitor Elsa Juko

Member Nancy Little with visitor Elsa Juko


NSA-NT Vice President Betti Coffey with student Dan Pemberton

NSA-NT Vice President Betti Coffey with student Dan Pemberton


NSA-NT President Stu Schlackman, CSP with guest Gaither Fisher and Member Cherrie Fisher

NSA-NT President Stu Schlackman, CSP with guest Gaither Fisher and Member Cherrie Fisher

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