December 2016 Newsletter

December 2016 Newsletter

Stu Schlackman

A Note from Your President

I’d like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah as well as a happy and healthy New Year! As speaking professionals, our first impression with a client is crucial to earning their business.

Your speaking experience and track record in this incredible industry is what has built your credibility and that’s what I’d like to focus on this month. Your credibility speaks volumes with the testimonials your clients give you along with results they have experienced based on the value you deliver in your keynotes, programs and training. When your clients improve performance, and they can point to you for the positive impact, it speaks volumes to your credibility.

Strong credibility is the summation of your client’s feedback and it’s a key element to establishing your sales success. Sales is “the transfer of emotions from one person to another.” That’s a definition I use in my programs. People buy emotionally and back up their decision with logic. In fact, clients hate to be sold to, but love to buy. The reason they will decide to hire you for your services is based on the positive results you’ve delivered to your clients. That’s your credibility. You should be excited about what you deliver because you have a client base that believes in you and the results you produce!

If you believe in you, then new prospects will believe in you. Enthusiasm spreads. Word of mouth and referrals are still the number one reason people will hire you for your keynotes and programs.

My definition of credibility is “having the innate ability, experience and knowledge to deliver consistent positive results for your clients.” Your credibility goes hand in hand with your character. Whether you’re in San Francisco delivering a keynote or in Dallas having lunch with a potential new client, you’re the same person on the stage and off the stage putting the client first. Always be you, because that’s what has brought you success. I wish all of you a fabulous and fruitful 2017!

Many blessings to you and your families.

Stu Schlackman
President 2016-17
NSA North Texas (@NSANorthTexas)

December 2016 Program – Jill Schiefelbein – “20 Ways to Re-Purpose Your Content for Publicity and Profit”

Cindy and Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAEMake your content work overtime! This session provides you with an onslaught of ideas to help you re-purpose your existing content into multiple products, promotions, and, ultimately, profits. Jill Schiefelbein takes you through 20 different ways to transform your content and provides you with strategies to help up-sell your newly-conceptualized products using case studies that have been successful in her business and in the businesses she serves. Come prepared to analyze and dissect your keynote presentation or training session and walk away with ideas for implementation.

By attending this session, participants will:

  • Learn strategies for dissecting a presentation into multiple parts for products and promotions.
  • Generate multiple ideas for re-purposing existing content into profit-yielding items.
  • Be able to provide options to clients and audience members who “want more” of you without physically having to be there!

Being a one-trick pony does not lead to a thriving speaking business. Today’s speakers need to be able to demonstrate proficiency on the platform and beyond. This session helps speakers examine and leverage their existing content into products, promotions and profits that can lead to more opportunities for engagement.

About the Speaker

Jill Schiefelbein

Speaker, author, entrepreneur and recovering academic Jill Schiefelbein is The Dynamic Communicator™. From analyzing classified documents obtained from military raids of terrorist camps to assess jihad messaging strategies, to starting and managing an online education office serving 60,000+ students, to her own award-winning entrepreneurial ventures, she’s helped major universities, businesses, and military branches with unique combinations of communication, education, and technology to drive action. Jill creates and executes communication strategies that help organizations increase sales, enhance the product experience, and retain customers.

When it comes to adding value to the speaker community, Jill is a master of re-purposing. She took a single video series idea and turned it into a YouTube channel with over 650,000 views, a syndication deal with Entrepreneur Network, multiple website pages, hundreds of blog posts, and a packaged up-sell to her clients.

She is co-author of Business and Professional Communication in the Global Workplace, a frequent guest on business podcasts, and an official video partner and contributing writer for Entrepreneur. Her next book Dynamic Communication: Strategies to Grow, Manage, and Lead Your Business will be released April 2017 through Entrepreneur Press. Learn more at and follow Jill on Twitter @dynamicjill.

Come see Jill on December 10th!

Click here to register

you, the speaker: Come to my lab!

by Dave Lieber, CSP
Dallas Morning News columnist

Wednesday night, I give it all back.

NSA/North Texas helped me take my journalist’s storytelling skills and transfer it to the platform. No chapter, no second career. So, like you, I always pay it forward.

This is your personal invite to work with me and your chapter mates this week for three intense hours at Dave Lieber’s “Great Storytelling Workshop.”


  • 6:30 pm on Wednesday, Nov. 30 at Hackberry Creek Country Club.
  • Free to All Access holders, $27 for others. Come earlier for dinner.
  • This is for trainers, coaches, consultants, speakers … and those not sure.

What we’ll do

  • Learn to avoid the most common storytelling mistakes that speakers make.
  • Learn simple storytelling techniques that improve every story by engaging audience members.
  • Learn how to gain immediate attention and respect of audiences with a few appropriate words.
  • Practice the above strategies. Improve, then shine in front of your colleagues at this extraordinary session

I picked the week after Thanksgiving because I’m most thankful of our chapter and its warm, accepting people.

Wednesday night, I give it all back. To YOU.

Click here to register.

Questions? Email me through See ya Wednesday.

* * *

Dave Lieber, CSP, is The Watchdog investigative columnist for The Dallas Morning News and a 10 year member of NSA/North Texas. @DaveLieber.

Giving Thanks for NSA-NT

by Sandi Leyva

I have an outrageous ASK of all of you reading this newsletter. What has NSANT meant to you?

Could you send an email to – a few sentences are fine – that we can post and use on the website as a testimonial for future members? Thoughts to ponder:

  • How has NSA-NT membership made a difference to you?
  • What do you tell friends about when you talk about NSA?
  • Have you gotten business? Saved money? Learned ideas?

You are welcome to use text or video. If you use text, we’ll add your photo, logo, and a website link to fancy it up when we post it to the site.

I don’t think the testimonials on the NSANT website have been updated since the last time I managed the website 15 years ago. So it’s time to ask again so we can get these updated to reflect the spirit that’s so strong in this chapter. Please send these in an email to by December 15, 2016.

Holidays are a great time to practice gratitude. Please take 5 important minutes to do this for your chapter.

Give a Little, Get a Little – Our New Documents Library in the NSA-NT Members Portal

Are you ready to make your intro more exciting? Your client onboarding process more organized? Or your one-sheet more effective? If so, the answers you are looking for are on our new Documents Library in our Member Portal:

You’ll find:

  • 20+ One-sheets from our members
  • Christine’s famous Intro formula
  • Sample contracts
  • Evaluation forms
  • Event checklists
  • And much more

So don’t reinvent the wheel! If you need a form, look here first. For All-Access Pass Members Only

And, if you have a form, sample, or template to donate, send it to

November Meeting Recap

by Bill Lynch

Cindy and Shep Hyken,CSP, CPAE

Cindy and Shep Hyken,CSP, CPAE

 “How to Get More Business”  with Cindy and Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

Shep Hyken, CPA, CPAE along with his wife Cindy, presented ideas on how to book more business. His first 10 suggestions:

  1. Create more book sales. They recommended Greanleaf Publishing which I found at They also recommended Snowfall Press which I found at They will print one book at an incredibly low price. My book which is 5.5 x 9 inches and has 165 pages priced out at $2.92 plus $.80 packaging. (I suspect freight will be $10.) As you may know, I own a printing company and to get my book produced for that cost I have to print about 500 copies.
  2. Capture email addresses and add to your database. Shep tells his audience that he will have notes on the presentation and if you want a copy, give him your business card.
  3. Send a few copies of your book for the executives after you get a booking. This encourages them to consider ordering the book for all attendees.
  4. Add value. Give books at a discount rather than lowering your fee. For not much more you can make your book a hardback and increase the perceived value of the book. He used the example of one of his books which sells for $12 paperback but in hardback sells for $19.95. Cost difference between paperback and hardback was less than $1. Offer to do a webinar, a pre-conference video, a content video or to interview an executive on your podcast. All add value so you can hold your fee.
  5. Try instead of Similar service and you get to keep much more of your sales dollars.
  6. Use Tell them that Shep Hyken told you to sign up.
  7. Send your pre-program questionnaire before the booking when you know you are being considered. Shows your attention to customization and detail.
  8. Document everything you do and look for ways to purpose and repurpose it for sales dollars. Visit
  9. Dream up your $100,000 package. What would you do for a client to add enough value to be worth $100,000.
  10. Go to Influence 2017 in Orlando.

Shep and Cindy have a 7 day a week social media schedule and they never miss a day.

Sunday: Repurpose old material in a series of “Tips” to post on social media
Monday: Blog with 5 top articles. Write about what other people are writing about.
Tuesday: Podcast
Wednesday: Blog Posts to your email list. Put a picture in your post. Work at getting your article picked up by article sites on your topic.
Thursday: Video blog on Youtube.
Friday: Post a guest blog.
Saturday: Shep has a weekly column on

Shep uses several tools:

  1. Blog and write articles
  2. Use twitter and take advantage of tweetchats
  3. Facebook business page
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Podcast
  6. Youtube regular content
  7. Article placement on the article sites (google (your topic)article sites for places to try)
  8. Google+
  9. Comment on others blogs
  10.  Email newsletter

If you have the all-access pass, listen to the audio of this presentation. There is much, much more content.

Ed Talk by Melinda Marcus, CSP

We present to others just the way we want to be presented to. That only works if your audience is just like you. Not very likely. The audience “thin slices” that is they form an opinion about you in ½ second. Once formed, they are resistant to changing that opinion regardless of what information they get that contradict their first opinion.

Melinda has a standard three part opening: she uses a prop for an element of surprise, then illustrates the point she made and goes right to interaction.
In preparing she asks for help. See out a colleague who is great at what you are about to do to critique your approach. If you are working on a story, ask Dave Lieber or Dave Hill for advice.

When using humor, shorten the set-up. Remember the rule of three works in humor and try self-deprecating humor. Plan for reaction. What if your punch line falls flat? What do you say next? Make it a part of your preparation to have a recovery.

They won’t be with you for your bang up closing if you don’t capture them with your well planned and perfectly executed opening.

Good News

Yoram Solomon (Professional Member) was invited to speak at Financial Executive International who preordered his latest book for all attendees.

Minuteman Press International purchased 180 copies of Bill Lynch’s (Professional Member) book and made it a part of the training program for all new franchisees.

Cortney Baker (Professional Member) became a professional member and is booked to speak to 1000 women in November.

Terry Sumerlin (Professional Member) is keynoting in December at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City for the Utah Association of CPA’s. highlighted Christa Haberstock (Professional Member) and See Agency on its list of top 10 cities for fastest growing women-led businesses in America. Dallas is #7 on the list.

Debbie Sardone (Member Candidate) was chosen by L’Oreal of Paris as a 2016 Woman of Worth. She is attending a big gala in NYC to be recognized.

Diana Gats (Professional Member) is conducting “Brave Leadership & You” workshop at the 11th Kellogg Symposium on January 28, 2017.

Reader’s Digest just published Dianna Booher’s (Professional Member) article “11 Ways to Feel Socially Awkward.”

Betsy Allen-Manning (Member Candidate) got accepted to deliver a TEDx talk in March of 2017s.

Congratulations to our members on their good news!

Chapter Meeting Location

hilton-garden-inn-richardsonFor the 2016-17 meeting schedule, we’ll again be meeting a the Hilton Garden Inn located at:

1001 W President George Bush Hwy.
Richardson, TX 75080
Phone: (972) 792-9393.

Click here for a map to our meeting location.

Photo Gallery

Speakers Cindy Hyken and Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

Speakers Cindy Hyken and Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE


Ed Talk Speaker Melinda Marcus, CSP

Ed Talk Speaker Melinda Marcus, CSP


NSA-NT President Stu Schlackman, CSP and his student attendees

NSA-NT President Stu Schlackman, CSP and his student attendees


Speaker Cindy Hyken, NSA-NT Member Sandra K. Samuel and Speaker Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE

Speaker Cindy Hyken, NSA-NT Member Sandra K. Samuel and Speaker Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE


NSA-NT Vice President Betti Coffey and NSA-NT Member Betsy Allen-Manning

NSA-NT Vice President Betti Coffey and NSA-NT Member Betsy Allen-Manning


NSA-NT Past President Julie Alexander, CSP and NSA-NT Member Mary Warren

NSA-NT Past President Julie Alexander, CSP and NSA-NT Member Mary Warren


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